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Your Global Pet Moving Situation Report

The truth be told, isn't the statement "we're all in this together" valid and correct?

Let's be honest with each other and work together. Please consider your dedicated, resourceful pet move manager and Air Animal as your pet move advocates.To learn more about the best way to begin your pet move, please watch the video on our home page.

In spite of daily challenges outside our control such as cancelled passenger reservations and flights, courier delays, cancelled air cargo bookings, USDA staffing issues, limited air cargo capacity, change of aircraft…we will get your pet to your new home. We are professional. We are experienced. And we are committed to transporting your pet safely.

Thank you for the confidence you have placed in your pet move manager and Air Animal, your pet’s best friend when relocating. Pet Moving Made Easy is our focus, our passion, our promise and your peace of mind. Always has been, always will be.

10 New COVID-19 Pet Moving FAQs

1. What safety and sanitary precautions are being taken at the air cargo facilities to ensure my pet won’t catch COVID-19?

Airlines and Air Animal’s global network of trusted service partners use cleaning, social distancing, masks and gloves as recommended by public health officials in their regions. See question 3 for additional information.

2. How do I coordinate my travels with my pet’s travels if I have to be quarantined for 14 days post flight and travel?

In this case we recommend booking a VIP door-to-door move so your pet can be delivered to your door and transferred to you using social distancing precautions, masks and gloves. If you move ahead of your pet we can arrange professional pet care at origin or destination and your pet can join you when your quarantine is over.

3. Can my pet get COVID-19 from another pet?

Unlikely. Based on the limited information available, the risk of animals spreading the virus to each other and people is considered low. COVID-19 infections have been reported in a small number of animals around the world that had close contact with a person sick with COVID-19. At this time, routine testing of animals is not recommended by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Centers for Disease Control.

4. Are airlines, air cargo services and airports reopening for pet flights?

Air Animal’s dedicated and experienced team of pet move managers moved over 100 pets March through May during the COVID-19 world health crisis. We’re moving more pets every week as airlines begin to accept pet flight bookings to many of the world’s major destinations . We strongly recommend contacting us early giving us time to review your pet’s vaccinations and be ready for when a flight becomes available. Airlines are resuming flight schedules to major destinations gradually.

5. Online flight schedules do not list the airlines air cargo freighter fleet.

Correct. That’s why working with experienced pet movers at Air Animal makes your move easier because they can see those schedules and they manage logistical details like this for you.

6. What happens if my pet’s flight is cancelled?

When a flight is cancelled, all booked air cargo shipments cancel--including your pet’s booking. Similar to passenger reservations, an air cargo booking is not a guarantee of a flight. When a pet’s flight cancels, Air Animal’s experienced pet move managers and our global network of trusted service partners will implement a back-up plan. If needed they will offer additional solutions to relocate your beloved pet on the next suitable transport

7. Can you arrange for my pet to fly on my flight? I see online a flight is available; why are you telling me my pet cannot be on my flight?

Airlines decide if pets may fly on specific flights and how many may fly. Sometimes this is based on overall weight of the plane and sometimes it’s based on the size of the pet travel kennel. During the summer, some airlines stop pet flights when air temperatures at origin and destination climb above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. For U.S. moves, ground transport may be the only option available. That’s why working with experienced pet movers at Air Animal makes your move easier. They manage details like this for you.

8. My pet is small and traveling in the cabin with me. My flight was cancelled and my pet’s travel certificate will expire before my flight is re-scheduled. Do I receive an automatic credit or will you work with me to re-issue the international travel certificate?

It’s our pleasure to work with you creating the correct travel documents for your pet. Every case is different. Please contact our pet export document office.

9. Is cross county ground transport safe? What is the difference between “solo ground transport” and “shared ground transport?

Ground transportation in the U.S. is a safe option for your pet. A solo ride is just that. Pets from one family are in the vehicle. During shared rides, several pets share the journey and are dropped off at various points along the way. All rides follow COVID-19 cleaning and safety protocols.

10. Will my pet have adequate water to drink while being transported? How do you avoid the water being spilled while in transit?

Before the move, you’ll receive instructions for keeping your pet comfortable in the travel kennel. We recommend filling the water bowls with water and freezing them. This ensures your pet will have plenty of water as the ice melts.